Musa Kamara

I travelled with Aberdeen Water Texi on Thursday's 5th 2919...

A water taxi service I append to know about through a friend who had used it very recently from Freetown to Lungi on his way from the US.

On my way to the US, I decided to called the number given to me by my friend just to tried the service myself.

It's turned out tobe one of the best water taxi service I've ever used before from Lungi to Freetown and back.. They've one of the most beautiful jetty ever, situated on Nylender Street, off Cape Rd Aberdeen, build with concrete compare to the two which one of them have served for over a decade, "Sea Coach Express" own by a Nigerian while the other I was told has been in service for a little over 5 years "Sea Bird" own by a Lebanese fellow.

What amazed me the most, is the fact that, the Aberdeen Water Taxi is own by Sierra Leoneans who have lived in the diaspora for over 2 decades, come together to put us such a gigantic structure comprises of Hotel, Restaurant,

Swimming Pool, Car Park and a Water Texi to and from Lungi for a start.
Speaking to some of the staffs onboard, I was told, that the company aims is to taxi people not just Aberdeen and Lungi but to tour around the Coast of Sierra Leone... Number 2 River, Tokeh Resorts, Banana Island, Pepel Island, Tasor Island to but a few.
Above all, their boats is safe, reliable, clean, new and most importantly, cheaper than the rest... for just Le350,000/$35 compare to their elders in the business that are asking for $40...

I'm kindly asking the government to uplift these gentle men as a way of testimony to the rest of Sierra Leonean living in the diaspora. So that, more Sierra Leonean would be encourage to come in and invest in different areas in other to gain possession of our country... foreigners has been taking the centre stage of the business in our country and now it's about time we take ownership of our country...what is not an option.
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